Johanna Mehl




Organization / Concept

The conference ATTENDING [TO] FUTURES examines the ambivalent role and responsibility of design as world-making at a moment in which the world «is presented in crisis» (Ghosn, Jazairy). Acknowledging the ways in which design (as practices, forms of knowledge, and sets of objects) is accountable for social and environmental injustice, the conference invites critical perspectives that scrutinize unchallenged disciplinary norms and dominant ways of knowing, being, doing, and imagining in design education, research, and practice. Drawing on current de-/anti-colonial, post-humanist, queer-feminist and disability discourses, the conference attempts a political reprogramming of design in order to generate transformative perspectives on design education, research, and practice.

Forever THANK YOU to the team: David Allrich, Lisa-Marie Bosbach, Hannah Böker, Malte Carbow, Michael Gais, Jost Goldschmitt, Carolin Höfler, Luise Kanein, Philip Lehmann, Yvonne Lober, Dina Benbrahim, Mariam Mikadze, Philipp Pätzold, Abies Doreen Robinson, Kay Sahin, David Sieverding, Martin Sistig, Valentina Marie Stahnke, Bea Sofie Timmermann, Laura Lucia Torres Parra, Leon Vogler, Conrad Weise, Kjell Wistoff

Type: Marguerite by Charlotte Rohde