Johanna Mehl


Lecture Series



For this lecture series we have invited scholars and artists who will talk about the critical work of anti-racist and queer-feminist futurisms with regards to their own artistic practice, research, and writing.

Who envisions the future? Common imaginations of the world to come tend to mirror ideologies that leave social power structures untouched, with disastrous and devastating consequences for those oppressed by the utopias of the privileged. Especially in the face of wide-spread insurgence of rightwing politics, ongoing structures of systemic racism, social inequality, and environmental injustice, the imminent future feels distinctly dystopian. Perhaps more than ever, the state of the world calls for alternative models. Combining speculative fiction and activism, afrofuturist and queer-feminist discourses give agency to those who dare to dream, make unthinkable futures thinkable, encourage critical reflexivity, drive social and political progress, and influence the way we problematize and contextualize our past, present, and future.

Type: Ascentis
Emily Jing Sum Chan