Johanna Mehl





Utopian visions emerge from critique of the present situation and blossom into the imagination of a better world that can be expressed in many forms: not just fictions, but also critical theories, technological applications, artworks, architecture and design, social experiments, and activism.

The symposium invites guests (theorists, artists, and educators) to reverse entrenched ways of being-in-the-world and imagine or critically engage with utopian alternatives to anthropocentrism. Consolidated by certain political, cultural, social, and technological hegemonies, anthropocentrism is the sense of universal entitlement and privilege inherent in a specific image of the human. Together we will reflect on the human subject increasingly destabilized by digital media technologies, the challenge to its purported human exceptionalism among the species, and scrutiny of the social relations of power in which it is embedded.

Is it possible for humans to genuinely step out of a human perspective? What are the possibilities and limits for co-evolving and co-existing with non-human and artificial/technological beings, and for co-creating the future conditions of our planet?

Type: Maxi Round Mono Dinamo