Johanna Mehl

Gallery / Workshop / Office / Radio / Studio


ROOOOOM e.V. is an interdisciplinary project somewhere between a gallery, studio, office, radio, and workshop. In total there are five different »rooms« within the location members use in different constellations.
We are a hub for political debate, applied art, and design, dedicated to making spaces for diverse voices and activist approaches in the arts. There is free admission to exhibition openings and other events. We also keep workshops and other offers affordable. ROOOOOM is a dialogue among subcultures, social groups, collectives, and citizens. Exhibitions, lectures, workshops, talks, film screenings, and live radio events invite exchange about the past, present, and future. Our green backyard is a meeting point for all those who are interested in creating commons and claiming space in the city. 

Foto: Deniz Weber, Ludovic Schuld