(*1990) is an designer, design scholar, and educator and lives in Dresden, Germany. Her research topics, interests, and teaching areas connect design / architecture / art to the environmental humanities with a focus on futurisms and fiction and a special interest in anything related to the city as a field of study.  

She holds a B.A. in Communication Design and an M.A. in Art and Design Studies. Next to her artistic (mainly print, murals) and curatorial practice, she has taught in the fields of media and design theory at different design schools across europe.

Recent Activities
She is a member of the design&posthumanism network and part of the Against Catastrophe research project based at the TU Dresden where she is a research fellow and PhD candidate at the Institute for German and Media Studies, Chair of Digital Cultures and Societal Change. She is currently editing the Attending [to] Futures conference proceedings (forthcoming 2023).

Johanna Mehl

Recent Teaching
I’m so fluid in my shell. 
Posthuman Bodies in Art, Design & Architecture
WT 2021/22
University of Cologne

Urban (Media) Ecologies. New Modes of Earthly Habitation
WT 2021/22, Seminar
University of the Arts, Bremen

The World is Full of Monsters. Posthumanism and Design
ST 2021, Seminar
University of the Arts, Bremen

Claiming Utopia!
WT 2020/21, Seminar
University of the Arts, Bremen

Cyber Cities
ST 2020, Seminar
University of the Arts, Bremen

Methods Lab
ST 2020, Workshop
Köln International School of Design

Global Weirding and Ecological Nightmares.
Designing for an Uncertain Future
WT 2019/20, Workshop
Art Academy Latvia

Environmental Activism in Art and Design
ST 2019, Workshop
University of the Arts, Bremen

The Bauhaus Code
ST 2019, Project|Excursion
Köln International School of Design, Bauhaus Dessau

WT 2018/19, Workshop
University of Applied Science, Rotterdam

Beyond Human
WT 2018/19, Winter School
Glasgow School of Art

(Authorities) Under Pressure
with Fabian Buckermann, WT 2018/19, Seminar
Köln International School of Design

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Doctoral Candidate / Research Fellow
since 2022
Technical University, Dresden

Lecturer Media Studies
since 2020
University of the Arts, Bremen

MA Program Assistant / Lecturer
Köln International School of Design