Johanna Mehl


Group Exhibition / Urban Intervention


WE ARE HERE was a group exhibition initiated by M05K, including 40 murals by 20 local and international urban artists, who have appropriated the railroad area next to the S-Bahn station Wehrhahn, Düsseldorf as their exhibition space. The painted round arches of the railroad bridge become a gallery of contemporary urban art, transforming the otherwise closed and hardly visible non-place, thus questioning ownership and interpretation of the city's public open space. Artistic practice is the visible evidence of an invisible agency that is open to change, addresses public affairs and has the capacity to open up new urban territories and communities. By distorting processes, systems, and surfaces, it creates disorder and resists top-down planning activities. Its traces in public space are like recordings of seismic waves of urban life. We are here not to act in secret, to be visible and to explore new urban space as a space of possibility.

Organization: M.0.5.K.